Which is the most irresponsible sector of American society today?

Is it the business/financial sector, with its endlessly happy-go-lucky Pollyanna TV advertisements deliberately masking the country’s economic, social, educational and political problems and turning people away from real solutions?

Might it be the political and government realm, with its new-agey type philosophy that elected officials and hired minions can solve every problem without any democratic participation by the people?

Is it the religious domain, which despite America’s founding as perhaps the brightest child of the great Reformation of religion, insists upon emphasizing economic glitz and glam in its buildings, a dazzling array of sacraments, holy people and holy fashion, and maintaining a deliberate distance from what researchers have learned about the Bible?

Is it the media, who have junked their once-fine reputation for objective reporting and critical analysis in favor of a death-spiral commitment to “breaking news,” partisanship and celebrity noise?

Could it be the educational sphere, which has taken the highest curriculum priorities in a democracy — civics and history — and made them into the lowest on the instructional totem pole?

I’m at a loss to decide.

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