By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Anyone who follows politics knows that the conventional wisdom has Democrats getting smoked in the 2022 midterm elections. 

Anyone who is alive and conscious is probably aware of the myriad issues facing the party:

  • Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in dead Americans
  • Rampant inflation – particularly in core goods like food and gas
  • Record-breaking crisis at the border
  • Obsessive race and gender propaganda in public schools
  • Online censorship and fake news

To be sure, there are more. And a new poll from NPR shows that Biden and the party he leads are getting crushed from all angles, even by some groups that traditionally support Democrats. 

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Everyone Hates Biden – Almost

One of the most striking changes found in the poll shows that Latinos disapprove of the job Biden is doing – 55% to 40% approve. That figure tracks with white voters, who stand at 55% – 37%. 

The only ethnic group shown to approve of Biden is black voters, who approve 64% to 27%. 

Looking still at demographics, every generation save for the Greatest/Silent generations disapprove of Biden. 

Gen Z and Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers all disapprove of Biden’s job performance. 

When it comes to sex, men disapprove of Biden almost three-to-one. Women, on the other hand, approve of Biden, 48-43%.

The figures for Biden’s approval rating on the economy track nearly identically – which should tell you something about what issues voters are thinking about most in the upcoming 2022 midterms.

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2022 Midterms

It’s not all negative for Biden. On Ukraine, he’s barely underwater by 44% – 49%.

Interestingly, Biden does get approving remarks on handling pandemic – a healthy 53% approve to 42% disapprove.

For all those disapproving marks, the NPR poll reports that Republicans have only a slim lead in generic polling for the midterms – 47% to 44%. 

Here again we see big trouble for Democrats, however – with Latinos reporting that 52% plan to vote Republican, compared to just 39% who plan to vote Democrat.

10% of those who voted for Biden for President in 2020 plan to vote Republican on their congressional ballots.

Democrats get blown out on the economy, with just 26% believing Democrats would do better, but make up for that on both education and abortion.

On inflation, crime, and national security, Republicans take top billing again by healthy margins.

Even venerable establishment outlets like Politico see the problems facing Democrats as insurmountable; their 2022 forecast shows the Senate leaning Republican, while the House is likely Republican

It certainly doesn’t bode well for Team Blue that, despite trillions in spending, GDP still shrank but 1.4% in Q1 of 2022.

It definitely doesn’t help that gas prices are expected to rise further still – serving as a constant reminder to voters.

If things deteriorate further, Democrats may not be looking at merely losing Congress, but perhaps even a blowout on the scale of the 2010 elections.

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