INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has released body cam video of a heroic fire rescue in which officers caught two children and a woman from a second story window.

First responders were sent to the fire at apartments on Burkhart Drive last Monday.

IMPD officers were among the first to arrive at the scene, where smoke was rapidly billowing from the windows of several apartments.

Body camera window depicts a woman yelling from a window on the second floor, “Please hurry! I can’t breathe! I’ve got my kids in here!”

An IMPD officer identified as “Officer Carroll” then asks the woman how old the children are. To which she responds, “Two and three.”

Officer Carroll then says, “You wanna try and pass them down to me, real quick?”

His body camera shows a young child being dropped out of the window as officers catch him. Just seconds later, the woman passes another young child out of the window who is caught by officers.

The woman herself then jumps out of the window with the officers’ assistance.

The family was checked out by medics as one officer tells the children, “You did so good. You guys are so brave. One day, you are going to get to tell a story about how you jumped out of a two-story window…You looked like Spiderman.”

Fire crews said the fire was started after another resident knocked over a candle in his apartment.

Twenty people in all had to be evacuated. No one was seriously hurt.

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