If I had two minutes to leave my house, one thing is absolutely certain: I will not go anywhere without putting on my favorite fragrance. I used to think that just a quick spritz would be enough to last me throughout the day, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even though it seems self-explanatory, there is a correct way to apply perfume, and you might be hampering your perfume’s potential by spraying it wrong. 

“I like two different ways,” says Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn. “For richer, more intense scents, I apply to freshly moisturized skin on my pulse points. Your pulse points run warmer than other parts of your body, so it disperses scent better. I tend to do my wrists, sides of neck, and décolletage. For lighter scents, I also apply to my pulse points, but then I also do an overall mist on my clothes. This is because the top notes of lighter scents dissipate quickly on skin but oftentimes linger a bit longer on clothes.”

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