There are some fragrances that you just save for those special events whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, birthday dinner… insert fancy occasion here. The perfume could be associated with a special memory or moment (like your grandma’s favorite scent that you wear to family gatherings, or the fragrance you wore on your first date with your fiancé). Or they could be fragrances that just make you feel fancy, luxurious, and good about yourself. Whatever it is, you might have one of these that you keep on hand—or maybe you’re just hearing about these “special occasion perfumes” and want to get one for yourself.

Now, it’s important to note that there aren’t really any rules as to what constitutes a special event perfume. It’s totally up to personal preference. In fact, maybe someone’s everyday, go-to fragrance is someone else’s special occasion perfume. To each their own!

I was curious, though, about what people’s favorites were, so I asked my colleagues for their picks. See what they had to say below (plus some other highly-recommended scents)—maybe you’ll get some inspiration here.


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