Let’s get some positive vibes going today with some Feel Good Friday stories…

1. A 95-year-old near Tulsa donated her entire 320-acre ranch to Oklahoma State to use for research. She and her late husband never had kids, and planned to donate it after they both passed away. But she decided there’s no better time than now.

2. A bunch of kids in Pittsburgh did a fundraiser called “Coins for Kendall” to help a puppy born with birth defects that needed three life-saving surgeries. They ended up raising over $2,000.

3. A couple in L.A. did some spring cleaning, and had a bunch of extra garbage that needed picking up. So they left cold drinks at the end of their driveway to thank their trash guys. Now a video of it is going viral.

4. Remember back when ALL fire stations had dogs? Winnipeg is bringing that idea back using strays to boost morale. The program also doubles as a way to help find the dogs permanent forever homes.

5.  A dad in Canada just came forward after hitting the lottery with a ticket he got for Father’s Day. His daughter bought him a card and put a “Set for Life” ticket inside it.  He hit the jackpot of $1,000 a week for life, but took the lump sum of $675,000 Canadian. In U.S. dollars, that’s just over half-a-million bucks.

6. It’s amazing how powerful music can be: A 74-year-old guy with severe Alzheimer’s is in the news, because he comes to life when his family puts on music. His favorite is ELVIS.

7. A little girl from South Carolina was flying home with her parents from overseas when she lost a tooth. And I mean REALLY lost it. It fell out on the plane, and they couldn’t find it.  But then the pilot stepped up and wrote her a note. It said, “Dear Tooth Fairy:  Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville. Please take this note in place of her tooth.” Then he signed it “Captain Josh.”

8. A new study at Cambridge found there are benefits to being dyslexic. It makes school and a lot of other things harder. But people who have it tend to be better at solving problems and adapting to challenges. It’s also more common than people think. Up to one in five people have mild, moderate, or severe dyslexia. A few big hitters who struggled with it include Steve JobsStephen HawkingPablo Picasso, and John Lennon. Experts also think Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein were dyslexic.

9. A guy from Hawaii named Dustin Reynolds recently became the first double amputee to sail solo around the world. It took him seven years, off and on. He lost his left arm and leg in 2008 when a drunk driver hit him head on while he was riding his motorcycle. But he says he now celebrates that day every year, because it’s the day he decided to start living.

10. An Illinois trucker initially thought he won $2000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket…but the real amount was much more. The 48-year-old bought his ticket from a Speedway gas station in Michigan and was informed he should file a claim. He then learned the ticket was worth $1 million, not the $2000 he was expecting. The winner plans to purchase a new vehicle and save the rest.

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