In fall 2022, Georgia State University College of Law will welcome four new assistant professors of law, and one new visiting assistant professor to its team. The new faculty members will join the College of Law from all over the nation.

“We are thrilled to welcome these stellar scholars to the College of Law faculty. Our new colleagues bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to complement and further diversify our curricular offerings and academic reach. I am confident they will enrich the academic experience of our students and that they will advance the interdisciplinary intellectual excellence, which is central to the work of our faculty,” said LaVonda Reed, dean of the college and professor of law.

Center for Law, Health & Society

Allison “Ally” Whelan and Dr. Anjali Deshmukh will work closely with the Center for Law, Health & Society. Whelan and Deshmukh both have a strong interest in the role of law on improving the health of communities.

Allison “Ally” Whelan

Whelan, who currently works as a George Sharswood fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School said she looks forward to working with and learning from Georgia State Law’s inspiring and vibrant community.

“As an interdisciplinary scholar whose work draws upon law, bioethics, and medicine to study how the administrative state engages and influences health care, I am excited to join a university that values and supports interdisciplinary work. I know I have found this at the College of Law, one of the nation’s top-ranked health law programs,” Whelan said. She has studied bioethics and worked as an attorney practicing food and drug law. Today, her work explores important legal and regulatory interventions for some of the most urgent issues faced by the Food and Drug Administration, other health care agencies and institutions, and society at large.

Dr. Anjali Desmukh

Dr. Anjali Deshmukh

Dr. Deshmukh is a board-certified pediatrician, an experienced patent litigator, and currently a clinical research fellow for the program on Regulation, Therapeutics and Law (PORTAL) at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She said her background in medicine has provided her with additional skills, insights, and inspiration that informs and drives her legal work.

“My scholarship starts and ends at the patient’s bedside—I strive to understand the impact of laws and policies on patients and real-world outcomes,” Dr. Deshmukh explained.

Erin Fuse Brown, director of the Center for Law, Health & Society and co-chair of the faculty recruitment committee said Georgia State Law already has a fantastic health law program, and the addition of Professor Whelan and Dr. Deshmukh will elevate the Center for Law, Health & Society to the next level.

“They will contribute deep expertise in FDA law, reproductive rights, medicine, and intellectual property law to our renowned health law program.”

Translating Law into Practice

Julian Hill

Julian Hill, is a bilingual graduate clinical teaching fellow at Georgetown University Law Center’s Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Clinic. Hill’s teaching and research areas will focus on issues related to law and social justice at Georgia State Law.

Hill advocates for Spanish-speaking clients and shares the importance of client accessibility with students.

“As a clinician, the main way Spanish has come up has been in the context of serving Spanish-speaking clients. In the seminar, this has meant discussing best practices with students in regard to using interpretation and translation services. In the client context, this has meant being attentive to interpretation to ensure that there are no issues and where support is needed, providing certain translation support for my students.”

Hill, created Yo Hablo LLC, a community of learners, teachers, and creatives who merge hip-hop music and curriculum to empower English speakers to learn Spanish. Hill will be only the second tenure-track Black man to join our faculty in the history of the law school.


Susan Provenzano

Susan Provenzano, a William M. Trumbull professor of practice at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, will teach civil procedure at Georgia State Law. She said she didn’t fully appreciate the course as a law student until she became a federal district court law clerk and a litigator.

Provenzano’s favorite part about being a law professor is the classroom interaction. “Law students bring so much energy, curiosity, and depth to their classroom experiences, and that really motivates me.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing lightbulbs go on when students grasp difficult legal concepts – concepts that they may not have even known existed before law school — or when one student shares a perspective that prompts the entire class to reflect and see an issue from a different angle,” she said.

International Law

Rose Rameau

Rose Rameau, managing partner for Rameau International Law will teach international business transactions, international law, and contracts, as a visiting assistant professor at the College of Law.

Rameau has practiced law all over the world including Europe, Africa, and Paris. She is a former Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor at the School of Law of the University of Ghana.


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