There is nothing more uncomfortable than dry, inflamed skin, and it doesn’t matter if it strikes in winter, summer, post-procedure, or during any other time or circumstance. What you need are the right skincare ingredients to repair your damaged moisture barrier (because, after all, that’s the root cause of dryness and irritation). While there are many options, including hyaluronic acid and shea butter, one of the best ingredients is rather low-key compared to the rest.

We’re talking about ceramides. While it’s likely you’ve heard about them before, most people aren’t familiar with the way they work or just how effectively they can soothe and comfort angry skin. In fact, ceramides come highly recommended by dermatologists for this exact reason. Keep scrolling to learn all about ceramides and how they can benefit your skin, according to two expert derms. Then, shop dermatologist and editor-recommended ceramide products. (May your moisture barrier be strong and supported from here on out.)

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