There are only a few things I know to be undeniably true. First, the best hair days tend to happen when you have no plans and you’re not going to be leaving the house (naturally). Second, a breakout is sure to appear on the eve of a big event, like a birthday, job interview, graduation, or wedding (it’s just the way it is). Third, French-girl beauty will never go out of style (this is an absolute). 

The latter has been proven time and time again. Whether it’s the popularity of French beauty brands or trending French skincare secrets, everyone knows there’s a classic and timeless aspect to it. And that’s certainly true when it comes to French hairstyles, like Birkin bangs. 

Popularized by French icon Jane Birkin in the ’60s, these bangs are short, slightly feathered, and universally flattering. Celebrities are proof of that. Everyone from Anne Hathaway to Jenna Ortega, Emily Ratajkowski, and Zendaya has opted for them. Keep scrolling to see them all. Plus, learn how to get them (and style them), according to a top hairstylist. 

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