The California Lottery has a list of historically lucky retailers where residents line up to buy tickets before that 7:59 p.m. PST deadline.

With the next drawing for Powerball less than two hours away, some may be wondering if they should take a gamble and find the luckiest place to buy a ticket.

The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday, April 27, reached $454 million after no winners were selected in the previous drawing.

And what do you do if you happen to win? Luckily, the steps you need to take are right here for keeping yourself safe, should you become a multimillionaire over night.

But first thing’s first: check out this list of where to buy.

What is a CA Lottery Lucky Retailer?

The CA Lottery’s historical lucky retailers are places that have sold at least two winning tickets with jackpots of $1 million or more since 2013.

It should be no big surprise that Hawthorne’s Bluebird Liquor is on the list. Local lore (and a ceiling wallpapered with testimonials written on brown cardboard with winning amounts) have made it a lucky spot at 13746 Hawthorne Boulevard.

Another hot location that may serve you well is Allan’s Market Wine & Lotto located at 2521 Ventura Road in Port Hueneme, which has sold at least six lucky tickets since 2013, according to the CA Lottery site.

Top Seven Historically Lucky Retailers in Southern California

Allans Market Wine & Lotto
2521 Ventura Road in Port Hueneme

Country Store
72129 Baker Boulevard in Baker, CA

Bluebird Liquor
13746 Hawthorne Boulevard in Hawthorne

Town and Country Newstand
6330 West Third Street in Los Angeles

Mike’s Beverage Shop
42263 50th Street W #101 in Quartz Hill

Mr. C’s Liquor
1925 South Pacific Avenue in San Pedro

7-Eleven 2133-17957C
2201 East Channel Island Boulevard in Oxnard

The cutoff time to buy is 59 minutes before draw time, which will be at 7:59 p.m. PST, according to powerball.com.


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