I am disturbed by all the nasty rhetoric seemingly embedded in our culture today, and I am offering this viewpoint as a proud American and a lifelong independent voter. The right-wing jargon about President Joe Biden being incompetent makes me wonder if folks are still paying attention to the real world. If you tell a lie over and over, people will begin to believe it without corroborating the facts, but you can only keep your head in the sand for so long.

Remember when President Ronald Reagan was elected, and inflation was in the double digits? It took him considerable time to get a handle on it. Then, after he got re-elected, the stock market crashed in 1987. Still, he helped democracy by influencing the collapse of the Soviet Union. Of course, there was the Iran-Contra scandal, and don’t forget that he had Alzheimer’s disease at the end of his life and, more than likely, his presidency too.

Biden led NATO to expansion and announced an unprecedented permanent deployment of troops to Poland. That is only one example of his mental acumen, and he deserves our support regardless of political persuasion.

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