Joe Biden called out Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for electing themselves president without mentioning their names.

Biden said while speaking at a fundraiser in Portland, OR:

It was not a coincidence that Biden expressed the belief that Democrats could pick up two Senate seats after mentioning Manchin and Sinema. A two-seat pick-up for Democrats would end the presidencies of Manchin and Sinema and allow Democrats to kill the filibuster, which they should do even if Republicans win the House.

Biden is correct. The only reasons why Build Back Back Better and voting rights legislation have not passed are named Manchin and Sinema. Right now, Democrats are one defection to the Republican side away from losing the Senate majority, so given that context, it makes perfect sense why Biden didn’t name names.

President Biden has not forgotten what Manchin and Sinema have done, and one suspects that if Democrats gain seats in the Senate, no one will be crying over the fact that the party no longer has to deal with self-elected presidents Manchin and Sinema.

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