In a move straight out of Russia or North Korea, Florida House Republicans turned off the WiFi and cleared the gallery so that protests of their gerrymandered racist map would not be seen.

Rep. Michael Grieco tweeted:

The WiFi was not turned off to prevent people from seeing a protest in China, North Korea, or Russia. The WiFi was shut down in the Florida House because Republicans were apparently so terrified that voters would be able to see their right to have their voters matter that they imposed their own blackout to prevent any sort of visible accountability.

Florida is also the state where Trump mini-me Ron DeSantis has raised taxes by $2 billion on residents to pay for his war with Disney.

The map that the Florida legislature passed was drawn by Gov. Ron DeSantis and has been described as racist by fellow members of the state legislature. The map does away with two African-American majority districts and creates four new Republican House seats.

The Democrats were attempting to protest an action by their own state government, which they are a part of, and they were silenced.

The First Amendment, along with representation in our democracy, was trampled in Florida.

If Republicans were proud of what they were doing, they would have left the WiFi on.

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