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All that glitters isn’t gold, except when we’re talking about body shimmering oils. Imagine lying on a beach or by a pool, the sun kissing every gold fleck in your body oil and leaving you glowing (and tanned) from head to toe. Unlike regular body oils, shimmering body oils are a sexier option made with skin-loving natural oils, golden flecks, and tropical smells that are traditionally associated with the summer but may be used all year.

“Shimmer oil is used to highlight and accentuate areas of the skin. It leaves your skin sparkly, glowing, radiant, and hydrated. Shimmer oil can be used anywhere you want to glow—all over your face, neck, cleavage, arms, thighs, and shoulders. Focus on areas that naturally catch the light,” Gisaura Laporte, owner of Hair and Makeup by Gisaura at Sola Salons, tells ELLE.com.

Best For The Perfume Collector

Soleil Brulant Shimmering Body Oil
Tom Ford

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Best For Dark Skin

Illuminate Me Shimmering Body Oil

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Best For Sun Protection

Bum Bum Shimmering Body Oil SPF 30
Sol De Janeiro

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Best For Quick Absorption

Instant Radiance Shimmering Body Oil

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Best For A Fake Tan

Monoi Body Glow

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Body shimmer oils come in all shades and functions, from bronzed-hued oils that double as self-tanner to oils with sun protection. If you need a new reason to buy a body oil, here are 19.

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Best For The Perfume Collector

Soleil Brulant Shimmering Body Oil

No vacation is complete without a Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil. You’ve likely traveled with the OG scents—Soleil Neige and Soleil Blanc—but TF’s newest version deserves all the shine. The silky addition to the Soleil family smells like a walk on a private tropical beach and illuminates every part of the body the oil touches.

Best For Dark Skin

Illuminate Me Shimmering Body Oil

Specifically designed with and for Black women, the formula is focused more on nourishment than the actual glow. The warm bronze shade complements deeper skin tones, while sweet almond oil and mineral oil impart a healthy sheen.

Best For Sun Protection

Bum Bum Shimmering Body Oil SPF 30

Expand your Bum Bum collection with a shimmering oil that provides a subtle golden glow, softens the skin—thanks to coconut oil and cupuacu butter—and protects against the sun.

Best For Quick Absorption

Instant Radiance Shimmering Body Oil

Morocconoil hair products always deliver soft, silky results for your strands, and its iteration of body oil is no different. The oil melts into your skin like butter to give you a kissed-from-the-sun radiance.

Best For A Fake Tan

Monoi Body Glow

The deep bronze color gives lighter skin tones the perfect fake-a-tan finish and accentuates the complexion of deeper tones. Perfect for those who want a subtle glow.

Best For Sensitive Skin

Shimmer Body Oil

Created with a nourishing cocktail of oils, ABH delivers on the shine and moisture with each pump. Laporte loves this oil in particular because of its lightweight finish. “It’s lightweight, never greasy, and illuminates with a golden glow finish. My favorite is that it’s dermatologist tested. I have very sensitive skin, so this is all I consider before using anything on my skin.”

Best For Subtle Shine

Pool Time Glowing Body Oil

Be the main character of the pool area with Summer Friday’s sparkly oil, made of macadamia, jojoba, apricot kernel, sunflower oils, and a faint summer scent.

Best For Year-Round Wear

Rosa Nobile Shimmering Oil

While most shimmering oils favor sunny, sunscreen-esque scents, Aqua di Parma’s version blends florals with musk for a more mature, sexy scent that can be worn past August.

Best For Longwear

Glowmotions Glow Body Oil

If you prefer your body oils with a deep tint, add Sol de Janeiro’s Copacabana Bronze oil to your collection. Cupuaçu butter, açaí oil, and coconut oil are the star ingredients, so you’re getting moisture and glow all in one.

Best For Pigment

Body Lava Body Luminizer

We all want to look as bronzed and moisturized as Rihanna—here’s the solution. The formula is more of a gel-like consistency but melts into your skin like oil without feeling greasy. A little goes a long way, so opt for a brush to sheer the product out instead of using your hands.

Best For All-Over Glow

Major Glow Body Oil

You should know a body oil from the glow God himself wouldn’t disappoint. Patrick Ta beefs up the glow factor and delivers an impeccable sparkly glow that is sure to get you noticed.

Best For Woodsy Lovers

Lumière Bronzée Shimmer Oil

Lumiere traded in the typical summer scent for a heavenly aroma built around rose and sandalwood.

Best Floral Scent

The Ritual of Karma Body Shimmer Oil

Rituals’ shimmer oil has a light, subtle scent made from white tea and holy lotus. The sheer formula imparts a satin finish.

Best For Layering Fragrance

N.Y.M.P.H BODY DRIP Shimmering Dry Body Oil

Huda Beauty’s expansion into the body oil category comes with the help of its sister brand, Kayali. Blending the intoxicating scent of Kayali’s Utopia Vanilla Coco fragrance and a mix of oils, the body shimmering oil is the perfect layering agent for fragrances.

Best For Buildable Coverage

Moon Lit Shimmer Oil

This body oil from Truly features skin-loving ingredients like witch hazel, turmeric, vitamin e, jojoba oil, and more that can be built up from sheer coverage to a blinding glow.

Best For Skin-Loving Ingredients

Fairy Godmother Shimmering Body Oil Gel

  • Fortified with CoQ10 for anti-aging and protection from pollution

Sunday Riley created a multipurpose body oil that not only helps you achieve a gorgeous glow, but addresses anti-aging and discoloration.

Best For Subtle Tint

Shimmering Body Oil

  • Can speed up tanning time

Bali Body’s Shimmering Body Oil is a weightless formula that leaves a soft bronze sheen and hydrates the skin.

Best For Dry Skin

Goddess Body Shimmer

  • Scent can be overpowering

SheaMoisture’s body oil is basically a tropical oasis in a bottle. Featuring papaya enzymes and vitamin C, this body oil keeps your skin looking healthy.

Best Drugstore Alternative

Sea & C Glow Bronzing Oil SPF 20

Bask under the sun comfortably while Pacifica’s bronzing oil protects you from UVA and UVB rays while you shine.

What should you look for in a body shimmer?

Packaging is cool, but there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a body shimmer oil. “When purchasing a body shimmer, do a patch test to ensure you are not allergic,” Laporte says. If you prefer your oils with a tint, Laporte says to look for formulas that dry quickly to prevent your clothes from stains. “Always go for one that is lightweight and gentle on the skin if you are sensitive. Also, look for the ones that are non-sticky. Oil separates; always shake before using.”

When should I apply shimmer body oil?

“Body shimmers should be applied as the last step in your skincare routine. After you shower, exfoliate and moisturize. Laporte adds that “this gives the skin a layer of hydration that ensures the oil stays smoothly and maintains a nice glow,” Laporte adds. If the oil isn’t fully transfer-proof, apply after getting dressed. “If you decide you are wearing it during the day, I recommend SPF 30 to protect your skin’s natural glow,” she says.

What tools are best to apply body shimmer oil?

“The best tool to use when applying the skimmer is your fingers or a brush,” Laporte says. Her personal favorite? A brush, of course. “I find when using your fingers, it can get sticky and messy. The oil clings more to the hands than to a brush. Always apply less than you think you would need. A little goes a long way. Apply as you need. Trust me; I learned this the hard way,” she explains.

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