Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the American Rescue Plan from the Rose Garden.

A reporter asked Joe Biden about the baby formula shortage after he ignored questions about the crisis Thursday evening.

In 25 states, 40-50% of baby formula is out of stock.

In 5 states over 50% of baby formula is out of stock.

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The Biden Regime is shipping pallets of baby formula to US border facilities for illegal aliens while American babies go hungry.

Psaki said parents should ‘call a doctor or pediatrician’ if they can’t find formula.

Joe Biden appeared visibly annoyed when asked about the baby formula crisis.

As always, Biden’s response to a crisis that is affecting young mothers across the country proves just how out of touch he is with how bad things are because of his policies.

Biden said he will finally answer a question on the issue because “all of a sudden it’s on the front page of every newspaper.”

The baby formula shortage has been a problem for several months, but Joe Biden doesn’t care.


Biden turned into a mumbling mess when he tried to articulate exactly what his administration is doing to solve the shortage.

Joe Biden said his first order of business is to make sure the WIC program (Women, Infant and Children) for low-income women and illegal aliens is stocked up.


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