I try not to blame everything on my astrological sign, but with that said, I’m a libra. As a libra, one of the standout characteristics we carry is being indecisive. I can barely decide on where I want to go to dinner let alone which style aesthetic to commit to. Some days, I fully embrace the dainty details and romantic vibe of princesscore aesthetic, and other days, I’m scrolling through cowgirl boots, cutoff shorts, and Western-style belts for my summer wardrobe. There are so many different aesthetics that you can go with from cottage core to sporty chic. 

Whatever vibe fits best with your lifestyle, personality, and sense of style is what I recommend going with when figuring out your summer aesthetic. Personally, I think I’m going to go with the simple yet elevated, model-off-duty vibe. I love simple versatile pieces, and as a New York City fashion girl myself, I need things that are comfortable enough that I can wear while running around the city that doesn’t sacrifice style. But you know me and my cursed indecisiveness, it’s a simple yet elevated vibe today and cottagecore vibe tomorrow. 

Keep scrolling through to see six aesthetics that I’ve been eyeing for summer.

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