Finally, I feel seen. TikTok has brought us plenty of fashion trends since it came into existence but none speaks to me more than the “coastal grandma” aesthetic—a term coined by TikToker Lex Nicoleta, which is characterized by a crisp, affluent summertime lifestyle of an older woman that you’d easily picture in a Nancy Meyers movie—dressed in loose, breezy, and cozy classics set in the backdrop of a quaint coastal town.

Of course, you don’t have to be a grandma, or wealthy, or live by the coast to be a coastal grandma. It’s a vibe that embodies living the good, slow life—think wearing breezy button-downs, linen pants, bucket hats, and sumptuous sweaters while enjoying fresh oysters and a glass of wine. It’s about attending book clubs, growing your own vegetables, and having a set of freshly laundered guest towels on a bed with good linens… you get the picture!


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