See ya later, alligator.

A Florida family got the surprise of their life this week after they awoke to a massive, 550-pound gator making itself at home in their swimming pool, according to a Facebook post from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

“Water Safety Month, Tip #37: Always check your pool before diving in!” the sheriff’s office joked, sharing a handful of snaps of the gator enjoying the solitary time.

The 10′11″ reptile “tore through the screen to get to the nice, cool water” at the home in Deep Creek, about 48 miles southeast of Sarasota, with the commotion awaking the family, according to the post.

Three officers and a trapper, who used a noose to get the animal out of the water, were able to transport the animal safely, in part due to taping shut its mouth, according to CNN.

“This thing was just a monster,” Sgt. Brad Stender told the outlet, noting that these sort of situations are hardly anomalies in the area, having responded to a slew of gator calls this week. The creature’s size though was another story.

“I signed up to fight crime, here I am fighting dinosaurs.”

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