The weather is heating up, and so are the zodiac signs. As August approaches, it can only mean one thing: Leo season. We love Leos for being unabashed main characters—these fire signs love to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention. Leos tend to be theatrical, passionate, and command the center of attention.

Leo season is the perfect time to infuse the spirit of this zodiac sign into your own life, regardless of whether or not you’re a Leo yourself. Represented by the lion and ruled by the sun, this zodiac embodies confidence and celebrating yourself. Let’s be honest, those are two things we could all use more of. I’ve rounded up the best August nail colors that embody all things from the Leo zodiac sign. That means orange, gold, red, and purple. If you could find the color in the sunshine, you’re probably safe—and purple adds a bit of balance to all that heat.

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