I have a handful of weekly rituals that I hold sacred: Sunday morning pancakes from the café down the street, a 90-minute sweat sesh—every Saturday—at my favorite L.A. workout spot, Wednesday night walks along the beach with a couple of close friends, and last but certainly not least, perusing our co-founder and CCO, Hillary Kerr’sweekly newsletter

From the best summer books to minimal effort easy sheet pan recipes to ultra-discerning beauty product recommendations, Hi, Everyone With Hillary Kerr brings you the guidance, suggestions, and occasional advice that you actually want. And being the product-obsessed beauty editor that I am, my interest is always *extra* piqued when Kerr is covering the latter—especially when she touts something somewhat obscure (like a $14 foot peel you can snag on Amazon) as “life-changing.”

Yes, we’re already a couple of months deep into sandal season, but if your feet are looking as sad and decrepit as mine are, you’re going to want to keep reading. Not only am I revealing the holy-grail product that gave Kerr “foot model” caliber results in just one treatment, but I’m also including a handful of additional beauty products that have earned her hard-won seal of approval. Keep scrolling! 

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