Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business panel looked miserable as they struggled to discuss another strong Biden jobs report.


This is the jobs report that Fox is so dejected about:

Fox is so bummed because as Mark Zandi tweeted:

There is no sign of a recession. The economy is moving in the opposite direction of a recession. Just as they were in 2022, Republicans were counting on a recession to win the election in 2024. Donald Trump keeps delivering his talking points that make him sound delusional as he talks about how bad the economy is and how much better it was when he was president.

But the polls is the refrain that comes from Republicans and the media, the sour numbers on the economy are driven by gas prices and inflation, and both of these pocketbook issues are on the decline. What voters think of the economy in October 2024 will be much more important than their feelings in December 2023.

If the economy continues on its current trajectory it will be a Biden and Democratic strength next year.

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