MADISON, Wis. –Tim Michels confirmed on the Vicki McKenna Show yesterday that should he become governor, he will not consider implementing red flag laws, a common sense gun safety measure supported by 81% of Wisconsin votersIn the exchange:

VICKI MCKENNA: Would you promise – the Biden administration, along with some Republican support, just passed a piece of gun control legislation that is going to try to entice states to adopt red flag logs? Would you – in exchange for dollars from the federal government. Would you pledge not to take that money, and not to encourage the Republican Assembly and Senate to pass red flag laws?

TIM MICHELSThe federal government wants to attach dollars to some agenda that they have, and we won’t take it if I don’t agree with it. […] I own a lot of guns and I know how to use them properly. Red flag laws, you know, people are entitled to due process. You just can’t have somebody make a complaint against you, and you’re right. You’re right, your Second Amendment right be taken away. Now, that won’t happen here in Wisconsin, when I’m Governor.

This admission comes several weeks after Michels refused to answer questions on the topic to CBS 58. Michels still has not admitted that he is likely against expanding background checks or where he stands on the issue of allowing guns on school grounds. He has also refused to take a stand on the dangerous GOP bill to allow concealed carry without any permit or training in Wisconsin, which Kleefisch and Ramthun support. He has pledged to lift restrictions on firearms as governor however.

Michels is so extreme on guns, he even tried to fake an endorsement from the NRA.

Gov. Evers has been a champion for common sense gun safety legislation, including red flag laws. He has also vetoed dangerous legislation, including a measure to allow loaded guns on school grounds that could be signed under a Michels administration.

“Tim Michels is desperately pandering to the NRA and gun lobby instead of working to make our communities safer. He continues to make it clear that he is against even the most common sense gun safety measures,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “We now know he is against red flag laws. In a Michels administration, dangerous legislation like the Republican-backed measure to allow loaded guns on school grounds and permitless carry could become law.”

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