MADISON, Wis. – Speaking at a recent Republican Party of Dane County meeting, Republican conspiracy theorist and candidate for governor Tim Ramthun falsely referred to the January 6th insurrection as a “Democrat-orchestrated riot” and said that congressional leaders wanted to create a “deflection” on January 6th in order to prevent objections to seven states’ electoral votes.

Do Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch agree with their fellow candidate’s false and outlandish beliefs about the January 6th insurrection?

Has Tim Michels discussed the January 6th insurrection with Donald Trump during their multiple conversations about his endorsement in the race?

When asked by reporters about his comments, Ramthun said that the objections to electoral votes were going to be a “big deal” and “chaotic for the side that wanted it done — they wanted to rubber stamp it.” Ramthun said that Democratic congressional leaders caused a “deflection” so that people would be “focused on the other thing that happened — which, by the way, worked very well.”

“Tim Ramthun is peddling conspiracy theories about the deadly January 6th insurrection,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Do Tim Michels and Rebecca Kleefisch agree with their fellow primary candidate’s false and outlandish claims?”

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