The Wisconsin Supreme Court is up for grabs this election cycle with the election for a new Supreme Court Justice coming next week. 

Judge Dan Kelly, on the court before, is running again.  His opponent is liberal  Milwaukee Judge Janet Protasiewicz.

Protasiewicz has been accused of using racial slurs and physically abusing her husband.

Jon Ehr Adamantly Repeats on Audio That Janet Protasiewicz Used Racial Slurs, Physically Abused Husband

Last week, Judge Kelly was on Wisconsin Right Now where he called the claims against his opponent “wildly troubling.”

Former Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly called the accusations that liberal Milwaukee Judge Janet Protasiewicz physically abused her elderly husband and used racial slurs “credible allegations” of “horrible behavior” and called for them to be investigated.

See video of interview here:

Kelly, speaking Thursday night on the “Wisconsin Right Now Uncensored” podcast with Jim Piwowarczyk, Jessica McBride, and Scarlett Johnson, called Protasiewicz’s threat to file a lawsuit “wildly troubling” and questioned why the news media covered sexual assault allegations against African-American Judge Everett Mitchell but not elder abuse and racial slur accusations against Protasiewicz…

…Wisconsin Right Now has reported that two men – former restaurant/bar owner Jon Ehr and Protasiewicz’s former stepson Michael Madden – say they personally saw Protasiewicz physically abuse her then-husband Judge Patrick Madden and allegedly heard her use the “N word.” Protasiewicz denied the allegations to other news outlets, but she has not responded to WRN’s request for comment. Four other people have told WRN they heard about the elder abuse allegations years ago, either from Michael Madden or Patrick Madden.

Kelly said there is a media double standard in the race to treat Protasiewicz more leniently.

The mainstream media won’t report on the massive number of racists in the Democrat Party or their violent escapades.  Add these accusations to the list. 


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