Shoni shippers be warned: The Wilds couple’s fate is up in the air.

While season one flashback scenes had Shelby (Mia Healey) and Toni (Erana James) consummating their love beneath a lychee tree and choosing to pursue a relationship, don’t forget that the flashforward scenes to present-day featured Shelby on crutches and with a shaved head. So, it’s safe to assume that some dire things go down in season two, which premieres May 6 on Prime Video.

Whether Shelby and Toni’s relationship survives the trials of being deserted on an island—which, as a reminder, is actually the Dawn of Eve social experiment—remains unclear. And, after an exclusive interview with Mia and Erana, we aren’t feeling too confident about Shoni’s fate.

“She’s gotten a lot of peace and she’s a lot more relaxed and feels so comfortable and calm with a new relationship, which is beautiful,” Erana said of where Toni is at in season two. “But there’s still a lot for her to figure out in herself, and in that relationship as well.”

Erana went on to warn that Toni still has “a lot of lessons” to learn.

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