Now, in hindsight, the Hall of Fame athlete attributes his behavior to “being greedy” during his relationship with Shaunie. “I had the perfect situation,” he said. “I had it all. And I don’t make excuses; I know I messed up.” 

For a period of time following his divorce, Shaq recalled feeling “lost” and shared how his family inspired him to get back in the game.

“I said to myself, ‘OK, you’re not married, but you still have to protect and provide for this family,'” he said. “I may not be a husband, but I’ll always be a father, and a father’s job is to protect, provide and love.” 

That includes protecting and providing for the women in his life, too.

“I have two wonderful women that have given me beautiful, gorgeous children that I have to protect and I have provide and I have to love forever,” he said. “That’s why I work so hard. I don’t work for me; I’ve got it all. I gotta work for them; I’ve gotta work for my six babies.”

Since their split, Shaq revealed that he and Shaunie have rekindled their friendship and he has become one of her biggest supporters.  

“She’s happy now. She’s about to marry a fine young gentleman and I’m happy for her,” he shared, referencing Shaunie’s 2021 engagement to pastor Keion Henderson. “We have a great relationship. But, as I get older, and dwell on situations I can honestly say it was all me.”

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