One of TV’s greatest legends is a fan just like the rest of us.

Henry Winkler, who stars in season three of HBO’s Barry premiering April 24, turned lemons into television lemonade during the past two years.

“During the pandemic, we watched television from Mexico, Spain, India, South Korea,” Winkler told E! News. “The streamers are incredible. HBO, Apple, HBO Max. I’m telling you, TV is king right now.”

Winkler, of course, knows a little something about television history. The actor starred as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on iconic sitcom Happy Days, which ran for 11 seasons starting in 1974. The actor has also played memorable roles on Arrested Development, Parks & Recreation and, now, his Emmy-winning turn on Barry.

In all of his viewing, however, a certain TV western franchise really lassoed his heart.

Yellowstone is great. 1883 is great,” he told E! News. “I wrote a fan letter to Taylor Sheridan.”

Kevin Costner stars in Yellowstone, the Paramount Network western about a wealthy ranch family in Montana, which has become one of the biggest shows on television and earned enough praise to fill the O.K. Corral.

But a letter from Henry Winkler? It’s tough to get better than that.

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