I read that you can typically confirm the location of an item within 24 hours. Can you walk me through a little bit of what that process looks like? 

In terms of how the sourcing process works as a whole, everything at this point in time comes through via Instagram or via email. And all we need to begin any hunt is an image of the exact item and the size. From there, it gets logged in our database, and that’s when we begin the hunt, essentially. The one thing I have learned being in this business is how fast-paced it is. Something that may be available right now could potentially be sold in less than 30 minutes. You really can’t be twiddling your fingers, and I thrive off that. I think that’s why I love what I do so much. I love that fast-paced environment. Being three and a half years in, there are certain requests that we receive that I know exactly who to go to for it, where it’s quick and easy, and we’re able to snatch that up straight away. There are others where we really have to do some extensive digging. With that 24-hour turnaround, it certainly does happen, and that’s where it really comes down to knowing and having that finger on the pulse of what region might be the best one to reach out to, because we source globally from all over the world. So I may go, “Okay, let’s go straight to London for this, or let’s jump straight to Dubai for this.”

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