“Hi Darren. I have 2 questions for you. (1) The Cardinals will face a QB gauntlet this season (Stafford x2, Mahomes, Brady, Herbert, Hurts, Jones, Ryan, Carr, Wilson and Cousins). With the draft approaching in a few weeks what order would you consider our needs to be as we will be tested this season? We have yet to replace Chandler Jones, still need a No. 2 WR, we need a starting CB and depth, and a run stopper in the middle. (2) Are you the hardest working man in the organization? You always seem to be busy, you answer our questions and do you ever get a break?”

I appreciate the compliment. There are a ton of very hard-working people here, so I would never say I’m on an island. The hours put in by many are incredible, but yes, I do tend to stay busy. I know my wife probably wishes I didn’t always seem to have my computer wherever we might go. As for needs, those are all needs. If you draft strictly for need, you will get burned. The schedule is the schedule. The Cardinals just need to make sure they get the best players they can, and we will see where it goes from there.


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