Despite the fact that the most important testimony coming out of Cassidy Hutchinson’s hearing on Tuesday concerned Trump wanting to lead what he knew to be an armed mob to “fight like hell” on Capitol Hill to stop the certification of Joe Biden,  there can be no argument that the emotional “gut punch” testimony concerned Trump’s alleged attack on the Secret Service agents, attempting to grab the steering wheel (He has a history of recklessly grabbing things), and lunging at the throat of an agent.

Now it appears that there may be video of Trump at least raging in the vehicle. From Newsweek:

The January 6 Committee has tweeted a video of Donald Trump’s presidential limo following testimony that he allegedly tried to grab the steering wheel to drive it to the Capitol Building.

In it, behind a group of Trump supporters, a person can be seen moving their hands frantically inside the Chevy Suburban limo. It is not clear whether the person is gesturing towards the driver or other people in the car.

After the hearing, Trump, who has long opposed the investigation into the riots, lashed out at the former White House aide on his social media site Truth Social, where he downplayed her role in the administration and accused her of lying.

The video is in the tweet below:

The MAGAs spent much of yesterday bragging that there was purportedly a statement by one of the agents that he wanted to testify that no such thing ever happened. However, too few knew of, or acknowledged, the Trump’s detail agent for the day, Robert Engel testified to the Committee on June 6th and there was almost no chance that the Committee would risk Hutchinson’s credibility on such inflammatory details without some sort of corroboration.

Now, it appears that the Committee has some degree of video evidence that backs up Hutchinson’s testimony. Trump was at least raging at the agents.

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