Elizabeth Kelly, an industrial design graduating senior, has three pieces in the exhibit: “Celeste Lamp,” “UV Bag” and “Room & Board Project.”

Kelly attended LakeView Technology Academy, a vocational high school in Kenosha. In the engineering program, she found her love for design. Her teacher, Matthew Schultz, was a UW-Stout technology education alum and had a lot of influence on her development, she said.

Schultz headed the Supermileage Vehicle Club at the academy, where Kelly learned the process of design through problem solving to create a working vehicle ready to race.

“This club helped me develop my skills as a designer and led me to wonder about my career,” she said. “Mr. Schultz recommended the industrial design program at Stout, which has been a perfect fit for my interests and who I am as a person. I am most thankful. I wouldn’t have found industrial design without him or my experience at LakeView.”

Kelly created “Celeste Lamp” during her Design for Manufacturing class, where students designed a lamp and reproduced it five times.

“Our teacher, David Richter O’Connell, always tells us to push our designs and go out of the box on ideas,” Kelly said. “For this project, I wanted to challenge myself and use materials or processes I haven’t before.”

Kelly incorporated concrete into her design as she felt it had a lunar feel and researched forms of lighting, such as glowing algae or dinoflagellates. With the arced form of the lamp, she was inspired by the anglerfish, a deep-sea predator that lures its prey into its gaping jaws using a glowing appendage on its forehead.


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