Kaitlin Armstrong (L), Moriah Wilson (R)

The cycling community is in shock after a woman fatally shot an elite cyclist who had a relationship with her boyfriend.

Police say 34-year-old Kaitlin Armstrong, who has been on the run for 13 days, shot and killed 25-year-old Moriah Wilson in a jealous rage for having an affair with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

According to police, Wilson went on a date with Strickland in Austin the night she was murdered.

Armstrong had reportedly been stalking Moriah Wilson and killed her within minutes of her returning home from her dinner date.

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Colin Strickland is cooperating with law enforcement in the international search for Kaitlin Armstrong.

Armstrong’s family insists she is innocent, according to CBS: “She wouldn’t do something like this,” the family said in a statement.

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An international manhunt is underway for the suspected killer of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson.

Authorities say Kaitlyn Armstrong, a 34-year-old yoga teacher, shot and killed Wilson, 25, in a fit of jealous rage, allegedly for having an affair with Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland, who is also a top-rated professional cyclist.

On the night she was killed, Wilson was in Austin, Texas preparing for a race.

Police say she went on a date with Strickland after texting him: “If you just want to be friends then that’s cool, but I’d like to talk about it.”

They went for a swim at a popular pool and then had dinner together.

After the date, Wilson returned to the house where she was staying.

Minutes later, she was shot dead. Police say Armstrong knew about the date because she’d been stalking Wilson.

Ring camera video shows the suspect’s car outside the house around the time of the murder, according to police.

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