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The two men who ambushed a Phoenix police detective have been identified as Aaron Ware, 22, and Ahmani Gordon, 22. Both men were booked on Attempted First Degree Murder.

On June 14, 2022 just before 12:15 p.m. a detective with the Phoenix Police Department’s Crime Impact Unit was conducting follow up, while inside an unmarked vehicle, in the area of 40th Avenue and Pollack Street regarding a crime gun investigation.

While the detective was inside her car, the suspect vehicle arrived in the area and slowed down next to her, and then continued down the road westbound. A short time later, the same suspect vehicle returned to the area and drove eastbound on the road and past the detective’s car. The suspect vehicle stopped a short distance behind the detective’s car and two men exited the suspect vehicle.

The two men got out of the car with handguns drawn and pulled masks over their faces. Through the rearview mirror the detective was able to see the actions of the two males and began to put on her police ballistic vest and draw her handgun. One of the males took a position in front of the detective’s car and the other one stood outside the detective’s passenger side door. Both men began firing into the detective’s car and struck her multiple times as she exited the vehicle. Due to her injuries the detective was unable to fire back.

The two men ran back into the suspect vehicle. The detective was able to broadcast information over the radio to other police units in the area. With the assistance of the Air Unit, patrol units, and the Tactical Support Unit the vehicle was located at a residence near 33rd Avenue and Baseline Road where the two men were taken into custody.

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