A new Fox News poll of the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary shows that Trump’s endorsement has put Dr. Oz in the lead, which is great news for Democrats.

Via: Fox News:

Mehmet Oz and Kathy Barnette gain significant ground as support for David McCormick dips, making it a tight three-way race in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate.  

In March, businessman McCormick led television celebrity Dr. Oz by 9 points (24%-15%). A new Fox News survey of Pennsylvania GOP primary voters shows the candidates trading places, with Oz receiving 22% to McCormick’s 20% and political commentator Barnette right with them at 19%. Next, is businesswoman Carla Sands at 8% and real estate investor Jeff Bartos at 7%.

With 18% of Republican primary voters undecided, the election is up for grabs, but one thing is clear, Pennsylvania Republicans don’t like Oz. He is the only top-tier GOP candidate with a negative net approval rating (-1). 45% of those surveyed approve of him, and 46% do not.

McCormick, who is the candidate of Trump officials who aren’t supporting Oz, appears to be fading, and it is Barnette who is generating the most conversation among Republicans in the state.

John Fetterman Continues To Roll Along

Lt. Gov. Fetterman has an average lead of 31 points over Rep. Conor Lamb, and the latest polling reveals Fetterman’s lead has grown to 39%. Nominating Dr. Oz to run against Fetterman would be a disaster for the Republican Party and Mitch McConnell.

Fetterman can do exactly what President Biden did in the state in 2020. The Lt. Governor can get Democratic voters out to the polls even in the reddest areas and that will stop the Republican nominee from running up extremely large margins of victory in the most conservative areas of the state.

Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz might get John Fetterman elected to the US Senate, as Trump’s meddling is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats.


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