Too Hot to Handle is living up to its name. 

Netflix released the trailer for THTH season four on Nov. 30, and clearly, these singles are more provocative—and emotional—than ever. 

By now, we’ve already seen how Lana will trick these prospective lovers into visiting her sexless island of terror—with the biggest fake show to date, complete with host Mario Lopez to really trick the contestants. Now, the trailer breaks down exactly how these promiscuous guys and gals will react to the bait-and-switch (Hint: It’s not well).

After a series of fireworks lights up, showing Lana’s signature logo, the group breaks down in screams. 

“Nooooooo!” one contestant, James, yells in slow motion. 

Clearly, the singles don’t take the news well. And when they get to the villa, things don’t seem to be going swimmingly, either: Narrator Desiree Burch warns that this season will be filled with new tests, like choosing to forfeit $10,000 if they don’t trust one of their fellow contestants. 

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