This chance encounter between a TikToker and an Uber driver was meant to be.

Last month, influencer Becca Moore was robbed of her phone and credit cards while attending Coachella, she told followers in a video last month. She said that when she went into her Uber, she didn’t expect her driver, Raul Torres, to be her hero. After learning more about his family’s struggles, including a father and daughter with cancer, Becca realized she needed to use her platform to help him like he helped her.

She started a GoFundMe, setting the goal at $1,000. Within an hour, the goal was met, so she continued to increase the goal. Now, she has raised more than $230,000 for the Torres family. 

And it all started with a TikTok posted on April 29 that shared her story and called for donations.

“So I got robbed at Coachella and my Uber driver saved me,” she said in the video with almost 6 million views. “After I got in his car, I pretended everything was fine but he insisted on staying with me because he had an instinct that I needed help.”


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