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Sigmund Jucker and his two brothers landed in Houston after World War II, having survived and escaped from concentration camps in Poland with a pocketful of family recipes developed in the baking business. Once settled, they picked up where they left off, founding Three Brothers Bakery and making traditional Jewish specialties like rye bread and rugelach, along with new inventions like the Pumpecapple—essentially the turducken of desserts. 

We were lucky to visit Three Brothers Bakery a few years ago while Sigmund Jucker was still alive. My wife and cohost, Kelli, sat down with him for what would turn out to be his last interview. Listen to this man’s words, but, more importantly, feel his passion. The lessons learned from his generation will soon be found only in the history books.

Today, Sigmund Jucker’s son Bobby runs the family business just like his dad and uncles did, using those same old family recipes that have been carefully guarded for generations. The bakery has managed to bounce back from four floods, a fire, and several hurricanes, and that all happened before COVID-19 devastated restaurants all over the world.

Bobby says he will always keep the family business open, not just for the sweets it produces, but to honor his family and how they have survived.

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