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“Where have you been all my life? I am incapable of using a wand with the glove and the finesse, just can’t. So my beach waves have really always relied on wearing braids for a couple days and dry shampooing them back to life. Using this three barrel was not only FAST for someone with a ton of hair but gave me the look that I want my natural hair to have but never does.” 

“Looking for beach waves? Get this! I bought this because I don’t know how to curl my hair with a straightener OR curler. I’ve watched DIY videos on YouTube but I can never get my curls to go in the right direction. I’ve also tried recreating beach waves with a straighter, from YouTube vids, none of which have worked for me. I then searched YouTube videos on how to use this three barrel wand and was impressed with how easy it is to use. I purchased this item and am extremely happy with it! I am IN LOVE with my beach waves! Beach waves that I have never been able to accomplish via straighteners or curlers.” 

“Adorable beach waves. Very easy to do. Quick curling. Gets hot quick. 100% better than the Bed Head crimper.”

“Love my three barrel curling iron. I’m one of those that cannot for the life of me figure out how to curl my hair with a single barrel or a straightener. My hand just does not want to cooperate or maybe my brain is overthinking it. Anyway, the three barrel curling iron is a game changer for me. I have super straight hair, so straight that air dried is a suitable style for me. I’ve always wanted to be able to curl my hair and Alure has made that possible! My waves are beachy just like they promise and I’ve received tons of compliments from friends, coworkers, etc. And for those that have difficulties with other forms of curling, the three barrel is super easy to use.” 

Love this thing. I’m not the best at doing hair, but I swear now you wouldn’t know this. I was always skeptical that it would look too much like a crimper like back in the day, but nope. Totally natural waves. I’m loving it. Highly recommend.”

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