Wondering what Amazon shoppers actually think about this handy luggage scale? Check out the below. 

“Best purchase for any traveler. For anyone that travels, you know the importance of knowing the weight of your luggage before and at the end of your trip to avoid any fees at the airport. After using unreliable methods to weigh our luggage at home and having to rearrange items in our luggage last minute at the airport, I decided to make this purchase. It has been such a stress reducer when traveling! I decided to purchase off Amazon instead of at an in-store retailer for convenience and so that I could buy based on others’ reviews. This scale has been accurate during all our travels, including international trips when every ounce and pound would make the difference. Great purchase, I would recommend!”

“Accurate, sturdy, easy to operate and easy to travel with.”

“This small device is proven to be 100% accurate. The suitcases weighed the same amount at the airport as at home with this scale, and it’s so easy to use. Highly recommend to prevent embarrassment at the airport.”

“Excellent product. It came super fast, with free shipping. I immediately tested it on absolutely KNOWN weight amounts like high quality workout weights and the scale read all accurately. Wow I am impressed. It was a total no brainer to quickly learn the functions without even needing to read the directions. If a bag is lightweight, then just use one hand, if the bag is heavy, the handle is large enough for you to place one hand on either side of the T handle. The reading also flashes three times then stays steady for two, giving you plenty time to sit the bag down and look at it. Excellent design and well-made scale.” 

“I recently took a trip and found out United Airlines charges $200 for an over 50 pound checked suitcase. It’s great to weigh luggage before a trip so you’re sure of the luggage weight. Very cool.”

“Nice and compact product for you to take on your travels. It doesn’t take much space and weight if you put in in your luggage bag. Extremely convenient to weigh your luggage so you don’t go over the weight limit and pay extra!”

“Wallet saver. This was a great investment. I had seven suitcases and two teenage kids with me on vacation. The day before the flight home we were scrambling to pack all our belongings plus gifts that we accumulated during our vacation. This scale was pretty accurate. I was not charged for overweight luggage. Buy it you won’t regret it!!”


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