The most fashionable wardrobe staples

While every fashion person I know or follow has their own unique style, there’s a similarity in reference to some of the key pieces they all seem to wear. The items in question have that universal appeal because they’re modern and forward-looking. Below you’ll find the list of the silhouettes that are front-runners amongst style setters. And yes, wearing the essentials below will make anyone look fashionable because they’re so chic and easy.

It’s also to note that the selects ahead fall into that elevated basics category because they’re versatile and can be mixed and matched with various outfits. This is one of the other main reasons why the fashion crowd deems the items as true wardrobe staples. Keep scrolling to find out more, complete with visual and shopping inspiration if you’re interested in adding on or all of the wardrobe staples to your offering.

1. Capri Pants

A fashion person wear capri pants and a blazer

Capri pants continue to trend hard as one of the most forward wardrobe staples of the season to wear with everything from blazers to tees.

2. Black Skirt

A fashion person wearing a black skirt

While simple, a black skirt—knee-length, midi, maxi, or mini—is always chic. This look with the knee-length option and the long-sleeve top is just so elegant.

3. Flat Mary-Janes

A fashion person wearing flat mary-Jane shoes and shorts

Looking for a new pair of go-to flats to carry you through this season and beyond? Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of flat Mary-Jane shoes as a practical and chic choice. You could even consider one in trendy mesh!

4. Double-Breasted Blazer

A fashion person wearing a belt and a blazer

A double-breasted blazer is a no-fail basic that will make anyone look fashionable. A good belt is also a must, and looks sleek over a blazer.

5. Striped Oversized Shirt

A fashion person wearing a stripe shirt

Oversized shirting continues to reign supreme. A striped shirt (especially half-tucked to showcase that belt) is an absolute go-to for the fashion crowd.

6. Slingbacks

A fashion person wearing a blazer and jeans

As one of my fellow writers shared, slingbacks are a staple and will take any look to the next level.

7. Relaxed Denim/Trousers

A fashion person wearing wide-leg jeans and flip flops

Relaxed trousers and jeans are modern and so versatile teamed with blouses, tees, blazers, and so on.

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