Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were on a podcast together, and when Gaetz brought up the 1/6 pipe bomber, things got interesting.


Gaetz said, “People were accusing like Lauren Boebert of leading reconnaissance. tours.” Greene said, “What? With her children and her husband?”

Gaetz continued, “They were accusing you of like pipebombs, and here’s what people don’t know. The reason why Marjorie Taylor Greene has a total alibi from the pipebomb thing is that I have never seen this woman in a hoodie.”

Ha-ha-ha. Trying to overthrow the government and planting pipebombs is so funny.

Look at the look on Greene’s face when Gaetz mentions that some people think she is the pipe bomber.

The interesting part of that video clip is that there was no denial.

It would be difficult to believe that the same woman who can’t spell martial law built pipe bombs, but the possibility that she knows who made and left the pipe bombs is there.

Marjorie Taylor Greene could not remember her own name when she recently testified at a hearing to disqualify her from the ballot, but she is certain that she and her friends didn’t try to overthrow the government.

Except that her text messages show that she did.

Marjorie Taylor Greene knows a lot more than what she has been saying.

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