DEI hir Pete has moved on from attributing racism to roads and bridges, to now blaming airplane turbulence on climate change. (Screenshot: CBS Face the Nation)

In an almost satirical twist to the ongoing climate change narrative, mainstream media and some ‘experts’ are now pointing fingers at climate change as the culprit behind the recent ‘extreme turbulence’ that forced a Singapore Airlines flight to make an emergency landing.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that at least one person has died, and dozens more have been hospitalized after a Singapore Airlines flight was hit by “severe turbulence” last week.

The flight from London to Singapore was forced to divert to Bangkok after rapidly descending 7,000 feet in just six minutes, sending some passengers flying into the ceiling.

A spokesperson for the Chilean airline LATAM told news outlets that the issue was caused by a “technical problem” and would be thoroughly investigated.

However, so-called experts and media wasted no time in attributing the “extreme turbulence” to climate change that forced a Singapore Airlines flight to make an emergency landing.

The Conversation reported:

Climate change is expected to boost the chances of air turbulence, and make it more intense. In fact, some research indicates turbulence has already worsened over the past few decades.


Another kind of turbulence that occurs at higher altitudes is harder to predict or avoid. So-called “clear-air turbulence” is invisible, as the name suggests. It is often caused by warmer air rising into cooler air, and is generally expected to get worse due to climate change.


How will climate change affect the future of aviation?

study published last year found evidence of large increases in clear-air turbulence between 1979 and 2020. In some locations severe turbulence increased by as much as 55%.

In 2017, a different study used climate modelling to project that clear-air turbulence may be four times as common as it used to be by 2050, under some climate change scenarios.

During an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg blamed airplane turbulence on “the effects of climate change.

“The reality is the effects of climate change are already upon us in terms of our transportation,” said Buttigieg.

“We’ve seen that in the form of everything from heat waves that shouldn’t statistically even be possible, threatening to melt the cables of transit systems in the Pacific Northwest, to hurricane seasons becoming more and more extreme, and indications that turbulence is up by about 15%.”

Tony Shaffer immediately blasted Buttigieg on his false claim, saying, “As an actual credentialed expert on climate ([Wright State University] 86 BA in Environmental Studies) I can state with 100% certainty that turbulence is not caused by ‘climate change’ & that Pete Buttigieg is a Marxist moron…”


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