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HBO’s live-action The Last of Us show is currently shooting its second season in Canada. As production continues, the showrunners have been rolling out cast announcements for the people who will join Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie. This has included the actors playing members of the Washington Liberation Front, the militaristic faction introduced in The Last of Us Part II. After casting announcements for co-protagonist Abby, and several of her friends, we also know who will be playing their leader, Isaac. It’s the perfect person to take on the role because he originated it in the game.

Jeffrey Wright (American Fiction, The Batman, Westworld) will reprise his role as Isaac in The Last of Us’ second season. While the character doesn’t have a ton of screen time in The Last of Us Part II, he embodies the ugly truths of the WLF that Abby has to confront. He’s ruthless and cunning, and is first introduced in the game when he’s in the midst of torturing a prisoner of war. If the second season is anything like the first, it may expand on his character like Bill and Frank. Isaac may have only had a few scenes in the game, but he was a striking presence thanks to Wright’s voice acting. So maybe the show could delve further into how he became leader of the WLF, and what made him such a brutal tactician so they can make use of Wright’s talents.

The Last of Us’ first season brought several actors from the games into the fold, such as Joel and Ellie’s actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who played entirely different characters in the show. Merle Dandrige, the actor who plays Firefly leader Marlene, is the only other person to reprise their original role in the series thus far.

HBO’s next season will premiere on Max in 2025, but it won’t be the last, as the showrunners plan to adapt The Last of Us Part II into multiple seasons.

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