Former stepmom Michelle said last year that her relationship with Mackenzie remained “nonexistent,” telling Rolling Stone for an October 2022 story, “I will never speak to her. I have nothing to say to her, because I don’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth.”

She reiterated that Mackenzie “very conveniently” waited for John to die before going public with her allegations.

However, she also recalled Mackenzie telling her when John was still alive, “‘I had a love affair with my dad.'” Then, Michelle added, “Eight minutes later, she called me back. She says, ‘Michelle, I hope you know I was kidding.’ I said, ‘That’s not funny.’ She says, ‘Well, I guess we just have different senses of humor.'”

Mackenzie, who now works as an addiction counselor, emailed RS in response, “I stand by my truth as I always have and as I always will. Plus which, who on Earth would fabricate such a story as mine? To what end?”

But according to the magazine, while the story about Michelle was still coming together, she and Mackenzie, Chynna and Bijou all attended Cass Elliot’s posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame induction on Oct. 3, 2022, and smiled for photos together.

At the ceremony, Mackenzie told RS, “I told [Michelle] I loved her and always had. She took my hand and said ‘I love you, too.’ I was moved.”

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