The Coalition announced that it will be removing the Map Builder from Gears 5 so that the team can focus on future projects. However, the studio says it will also unlock the Achievements related to the mode for players so that they don’t become unobtainable.

The Map Builder is used to create custom Escape Hives for Gears 5’s Escape Mode, which will still be available. For Achievement hunters, the two Achievements related to the Map Builder are “I Made It By Myself” and “Homegrown Hive.”

These two Achievements are relatively easy to unlock. The former requires players to simply create and publish an Escape Hive map, and the latter just requires players to complete a featured community build Escape Hive.

Those who’ve already unlocked these Achievements before the Map Builder’s sunset will receive some nice consolation prizes. Players will receive an exclusive banner if they’ve already completed “I Made It All By Myself” while “Homegrown Hive” earns players 10K in-game coins.

These two Achievements are worth 10 Gamerscore each for a total of 20. It seems like all players need to do is simply boot up Gears 5 and the Achievements will automatically pop up.

In IGN’s Gears 5 review, we praised the game’s character-focused story, saying, “And that’s just the campaign: add in a heavy-hitting multiplayer lineup of Versus, Versus Arcade, Horde, and Escape and it makes Gears 5 one of the best and most versatile action-game packages in recent memory.”

The Coalition is currently working on a new project and is utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

George Yang is a freelance writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @yinyangfooey

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