Size isn’t always everything.

In Mississippi, there aren’t many big places to live or visit, so finding the smallest incorporated places is a pretty big deal.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Mississippi is made up of 298 cities, towns and even smaller locations. The incorporated places consist of 110 cities, 169 towns, and 19 villages. Cities have a minimum population threshold of 2,000, while towns require a population between 300 and 1,999. Villages are less than 300.

There is some debate about specifics of the numbers and what makes a town or a village. But for this list, we are going with these Census numbers.

The biggest cities in the state are pretty easy to guess: Jackson (149,761), Gulfport (71,660), Southaven (55,429), Biloxi (49,241), Hattiesburg (47,068) and Olive Branch (40,276).

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