Knight in Elden Ring putting a bloodied sword through an enemy, causing blood to splatter from the enemy's arm.

Image: FromSoftware

You lay your final blows on the galactic Elden Beast and welcome in an age of your choosing to the troubled Lands Between. The screen fades to black, the credits start to rain down, and as you listen to Elden Ring’s full-bodied orchestra one last time, you know that you did good. Alternatively, you got bored of dying to Caelid’s scab-headed giant birds, and are now ready for something, anything to play instead.

You’re in luck, buddy. FromSoftware’s open-world epic will likely never get old, but the games you left at the bottom of a drawer somewhere (or haven’t yet picked up) are banging on your door, begging you for just one, measly chance. Tough cookies. They can wait a bit longer—you’re ready to move on from Elden Ring now, and Kotaku made this list of seven games you should play next. All of these games are just like Elden Ring, except…something.

We’re talking Elden Ring, but darker. Elden Ring, but cuter. If you have prayed to the cloudless skies for just one Elden Ring, but with Cup Noodles cut scene, I am pleased to inform you that your cries have been answered. Wipe those tears away, and begin this slideshow to discover which Elden Ring, but…something you should queue up next.

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