Brows can really frame the face but can be easy to get wrong if you’re too heavy-handed. Celebrity makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier, Gucci Westman (you name a celebrity, she’s most likely done their makeup).

“For filling in eyebrows, it’s good to have a gentle hand with feather-like strokes. Emulate your hairs, and don’t draw lines,” says Gucci.

“Wherever you have a gap, it is important to just apply, blend and erase with your brow spooly brush – go back and forth until you have the perfect result,” she adds.

And in terms of colour matching your brow product to your brow, Gucci recommends going a tad darker than your hair colour. “It’s a bit of personal preference, but usually I like to say that you should choose a darker shade than the hair on your head. If you have lighter hair, it’s nice to have something that grounds your face and brings it all together,” says Gucci.

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