It’s likely that if one of your friends were to text “I’m going to get bangs,” your group chat would start a fire drill. Bangs are notoriously hard to upkeep, and if you choose the wrong type of bangs for your face shape, they might end up looking less than flattering. That being said, fringe is beginning to pick up steam again in 2022—and you shouldn’t be scared of it. 

With the right guidance, bangs can be a really great choice. Good bangs can help soften your face, make your eyes the star of the show, and let your best features shine. It can be tough to figure out where to start—you might love Zooey Deschanel’s signature blunt bangs but might not want to invest the time and energy required to maintain them, or you might like the idea of wispy bangs but want something a little more noticeable to try on for size. 

Whatever your bang journey is, I spoke with Alex Brown, Chicago-based celebrity hairstylist and salon owner, to get the scoop on all things fringe. Brown walks me through which type of bangs are best for which face shape and more. Keep reading for major inspiration photos to bring to your next haircut.

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