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Image: Ubisoft

Best: Feral Powers: When porting Far Cry to Xbox, Ubisoft had to make some changes. The open, large island map from the original PC game was removed and replaced with more linear levels and missions. Another big change was the addition of Feral Abilities, which let the main character Jack Carver run faster, jump higher, see in the dark, among other things. Silly? Yes. But also very fun!

Worst: Confusing Ports and Re-releases: Far Cry Instincts is the name of the Xbox port of the original game. Then it got a sequel, Evolution, which contained a new and much shorter campaign. And that same year, both games were ported into a separate Xbox 360 release which featured improved visuals. Then all of this got merged and ported to the Wii and Ubisoft added motion controls and….it’s just a weird mess of a situation.

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